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The czech women´s team is grinding their teeth for another gold medal

16. 6. 2019 | Michal Runák
Czech women ́s team althought they arrived among the last ones, their ambitions are the highest.

We asked their coach Karel Manhart right after the arrival to Košice, what is their goal at this tournament: “We came here to defend the title from the previous tournament, it wouldn ́t be too smart to have some other goal than this one. Although the competition seems to be strong, there are pretty strong teams though,“ said the coach of the czech women ́s team.

Prior to the tournament, the czech women ́s team played in preparatory match also against the slovakian team in Žilina and they triumphed in both matches: “The preparation was good. We were a better team in Žilina, but prior to our departure on a tournament, we also played against junior ́s team Kert Park Praha. So I strongly believe that we are very well prepared.“

Manhart considers overseas teams to be the biggest rivals for them: “I think we will fight for the medals with Canada and the USA. These matches will be decisive for sure.“

The czech team arrived to Košice on Saturday afternoon, their feelings were after the arrival very positive. „The stadium looks good, we were here during the Ice hockey world ́s championship. The conditions are good, we are truly satisfied, the dressing room is excellent,“ added Manhart.