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Piják repeated the performance of his girlfriend

18. 6. 2019 | Michal Runák
Lukáš Piják currently plays on his second tournament and according to his fans as well as to his coaches, his carreer looks pretty promising.

In a match against the Great Britain he was declared as the best player of Slovakia, on a triumph 8:1 he participated with two goals and one assistance. „I am satisfied, I always get happy from every goal that I score. I didn ́t come here as a goalscorer, Ive got other tasks, mainly in a defense. But when I score a goal it always makes me happy.“ said Piják after the match.

The match against the Brits was for Slovaks mandatory ride, the match with the outsider team had under control all the time. Some supporters weren ́t present during the game so coaches could save some power. Prior to tuesday ́s fizzer against the Czech republic it had a good timing. Slovaks were playing against the Brits in a training tempo. „Program is full of amazing things, every game is difficult, so it will be good for us. We will relax and we will go on Tuesday," said Piják. The fight with the Czech Republic will be crucial in the fight for the overall triumph in the A-group. "They will decide the details, it will be a fight for every inch of space. I believe we will score more than the Czechs," said Piják.

His girlfriend Alexandra Gáborčíková was also applauding the prize for the best player of the match. The Slovak national team took the same prize the day before, after a fight with the USA. "But I was motivated, I thought it would be nice if we were both awarded. So I dedicate one of my two goals to her and the second goal to my sister´s daughter, Emka, who was born on June 12."

Piják and Gáborčíková has been a couple since the 2017 World Championships in Pardubice, where they fell in love. In Košice, however, the coaches have both teams under control and did not allow them to share a room. "But, of course, we spend a lot of time together whenever we can," Piják concluded.